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About Our Pocket Pipes

Pocket pipes, also known as hand pipes or travel pipes, are easy to use and clean, and they’re also affordable. Our magnetic pipes even have built-in filters. These are some of the most convenient pieces we’ve ever used.

Type of Pocket Pipes

Metal Pocket Pipe with Magnetic Cover

Metal pocket pipes provide durability and reliability. Unlike wooden pipes, they are less likely to dent or chip over time. Metal pipes are known to deliver a smoother, cleaner smoke than other materials, providing an enjoyable smoking experience with little to no lingering aftertaste.

Metal pipes also require very little maintenance and care, making them the ideal choice for smokers who want a dependable pipe that doesn’t need much upkeep. Our pocket pipes with a magnetic cover come apart into 4 pieces for easy cleaning. 

Wooden Pocket Pipe

Wood pocket pipes are popular among smokers for their unique aesthetic, as each pipe is totally unique due to the natural grain of the wood. Wood pipes also provide a cooler smoke than other materials, providing the smoker with a more enjoyable smoking experience.

Additionally, wooden pipes tend to be more durable than other materials, making them an ideal choice for those who want their pipe to last for years.

Finally, many wooden smoking pipes require less maintenance than other types of pipes as they do not need any special cleaning products to keep them in pristine condition.

Glass Pocket Pipe

Glass pocket pipes are popular among smokers for their unique aesthetic and artistic appeal. Glass pipes also provide a smooth, clean smoke with very little harshness or lingering aftertaste, allowing the smoker to truly enjoy the flavor of their tobacco.

Glass pipes are also very easy to clean and maintain, making them ideal for those who don’t want to keep track of complicated cleaning instructions.

Ceramic Pocket Pipe

Ceramic pipes are known for their distinctive look and feel. They provide a smooth, cool smoke that has little to no harshness or aftertaste. Ceramic pipes are also incredibly durable, so they won’t break or chip easily if they’re dropped.

Additionally, ceramic pipes don’t need much maintenance and can be used with any type of tobacco. Lastly, ceramic pipes come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and shapes making them great for any smoker’s individual taste.

Benefits of Travel Pipes:

  • Pocket pipes can be easily carried in your pocket or bag
  • They produce a smooth, flavorful smoke
  • Pocket pipes are the perfect way to enjoy a relaxing smoke session on the go

Pocket Pipe FAQ

How big is a pocket pipe?

Our pocket pipes range in sizing, but they are typically about 4″ and can fit easily in your hand.

How do you clean pocket pipes?

Each pocket pipe is unique and has unique cleaning instructions. Please visit the product page for more details on each pocket pipe. Our magnetic pipes can be disassembled into 4 pieces to clean.

Are your pocket pipes made int he USA?

All of our smoking products at Best One Hitters are made in the USA!