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Wood Chillum with Brass Tip, Product Image
Wooden Chillum Product Measurements | Best One Hitters
Paduak Wooden Dugout Pipe
Wooden Chillum Pipe - Purple Heart
Wood Chillum with Brass Tip, Product Image

Bad Ash™

Wooden Chillum Pipe – Paduak


These Paduak wood chillums are forged from high-quality materials, and crafted by combat veterans from the US Army and US Marine Corps. Their commitment to excellence is visible in each piece

Wood: Paduak
  • Wood Chillum with Brass Tip, Product Image
  • Wenge Wood Wood Chillum | Best One Hitters


Wooden Chillum with Brass Tipped Insert

Artfully crafted from Paduak wood and crowned with a brass tip that runs through its core, these chillums are 4″ long and 5/8″ in diameter. These jumbo-sized one hitters don’t fit into any dugout, but are more like an individual hand pipe.

Bad Ash is a company in Franklin, Indiana, and we’re big fans of their work because they exemplify the quality and professionalism that Best One Hitters aims to deliver to our customers.

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Bad Ash™




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