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One Hitter Dugouts & Travel Pipes Available Now

Browse our selection of one hitter dugouts and check out our new portable magnetic travel pipes. 

The Most Portable Travel Pipe

These pipes are the perfect accessory for smoking on-the-go. Fill the deep bowl with plenty of herb, cover with the tight-fitting swivel top, and toss in your bag for easy travel.

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Best Dugout One Hitters

After countless hours of testing, we’ve finally developed the best dugout one hitters. Each wooden hitter box is equipped with an easy-grip clawed bat for ultimate herb gripping power.

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Hitter On-the-Go

Our pocket-sized dugout one hitters are the perfect way to discretely smoke where you want, when you want. But we don’t need to tell you the benefit of one hitters. While we definitely didn’t invent one hitter dugouts, we’d like to think we elevated the standard. We’ll continue to elevate that standard as we grow so subscribe to our mailing list for new product updates.

Herb storage large enough to last the day, yet small enough to tuck into your pocket. Discrete one hitter boxes available now. 

Each Dugout is Certifiably Unique

Because they are truly handmade from unique pieces of wood, each dugout will be slightly different and truly one-of-a-kind. (Just like you.) While your one hitter case may not look exactly like the product photo, our quality assurance process ensures you are getting a product worthy of the Best One Hitters brand.

Our handmade wooden dugout boxes are superior to any competing product in design, quality, and functionality. And our easy-grip claw bats are the cherry-on-top. 

Fast Delivery

Our handmade dugouts are shipped immediately after you order from our location in Austin, TX. Once we run a quality assurance check on your box, we package up your one hitter box, and ship it to you in a discretely labeled package. (While we are proud of our brand, we understand you may not want the mailman in your business.)

Fast delivery means you will receive your handmade hitter box within days, not weeks like other sellers.

Dugout One Hitters on Sale

Limited Availability!

We are always improving and updating our hitter box designs based on customer feedback. That means new designs are always coming at ya! Subscribe to our mailing list for exclusive one hitter deals and new product updates.

Get these sleek dugout designs at a price that can’t be beat before they are gone! (Limited availability)

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Easy Grip Spiked-Tip Bat

The spiked top will allow you to grasp the perfect amount of herb in a single dip into your herb box.

No more endless digging and twisting to fill your bat! If you understand the struggle, then you will enjoy this feature.

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